What is Zero-Click, One-Click and Two-Click Domain Traffic?

These terms are often used in the domain industry to describe certain types domain traffic.


Zero-click is sometimes referred to as Direct NavigationType-in, or Domain Redirection traffic. When someone types in a specific URL into the browser address field, they get sent directly to the specified website without a single click. Thus the name Zero-click. Here’s an example of how Zero-click works: Type in Books.com into your web browser. You notice you are immediately redirected to BarnesandNoble.com. This redirection is the action behind Zero-click.


One-click traffic comes from a parked domain page. When someone lands on a parked page, and they click on one of the ads on that parked page, they are sent to the advertiser’s website. It only took one click to get to the advertiser’s landing page and that’s why they call it One-click traffic.


Two-click traffic also comes from a parked page, except it requires two clicks before the user is sent to the advertiser’s website. These parked domains have landing pages with a set of category links. Once a category is clicked, it opens up another set of links which happen to be advertisements. Once one of these ads are clicked, the user is finally sent to the advertiser’s website.

Which of These is Best for Monetization?

Since Zero-click does not require any clicks at all, it is the easiest way for you to monetize your domain traffic. The more clicking that is required from the visitor, the greater the barrier for making money from your traffic.

Can You Buy Domain Traffic?

Yes, domain traffic can be purchased through various ad networks. For example: DNTXZeroPark and Trellian DSN. Ad networks will commonly refer to Zero-click traffic as PPR or Pay-Per-Redirect when selling to advertisers. One and Two-click traffic are usually referred to as Search traffic. Some advertisers prefer domain traffic because the cost is typically much lower than search engine PPC traffic like Google AdwordsBing Ads and Yahoo Gemini.

Can You Sell Domain Traffic?

Yes, you can sell your traffic to domain parking companies like VoodooBodis and RookMedia. These companies will then sell your traffic to their search feeds or direct advertisers in the form of One or Two-click Search traffic. And then, there are domain monetization companies like Above.com and Skenzo that allow you to generate income through your domain traffic.